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Lewis -- L'Amour →

I’ve been utterly engrossed in the Lewis story for a couple of years now, even more so now that a second album has been discovered.  There’s like a million-page thread about it on a message board I frequent, but the above link is a good primer.  It’s really an incredible story.

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Amanda X – “Dream House” →

This rules pretty hard.

"The title “Dream House” has very specific connotations around here, where Deafheaven’s Sunbather left such a lasting impact on this past year. But blackgaze’s mainstream ambassadors don’t have a monopoly on that phrase. Indeed, Philadelphia riff-punks Amanda X have come up with a rad “Dream House” of their own, one that hearkens back to Hole, Sleater-Kinney, and Blake Babies at their most amped-up. Culled from the trio’s imminent debut album Amnesia, the song is built from slinky guitar parts, pounding drums, and vocals that range from fierce to fragile. Also, the chorus fucking howls" — Stereogum

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Literature - “The English Softhearts”


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This with looking out my window and seeing the woods lit up by lightning.  God yes.

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Nirvana — “Jesus Don’t Want Me for a Sunbeam” (The Vaselines)

Live at the Paramount

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The Middle Class — Out of Vogue

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Bleachers — “Rollercoaster”


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La Jolla Shores, 35mm film. One of my favorites. 


La Jolla Shores, 35mm film. One of my favorites. 

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Watermelon White Negroni SlushieI’ll allow it.

Watermelon White Negroni Slushie

I’ll allow it.


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